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The Team

Tom Abbott

Alex Chin

Alice Snape

Rosalie Hurr

Our Story

Founded in late 2017, IYNK was conceived by our CEO, Tom Abbott. A fan of tattoos, Tom was then looking for an artist to work on his next piece. At that time, if you were looking for tattoo inspiration, you could browse Pinterest, search Instagram or talk to friends who might recommend artists but there was not a reputable website on which you could book a tattoo.

Tom set out to gather as much research as he could to make his new website idea a reality. After attending several tattoo conventions and interviewing thousands of artists (often getting tattoos in the process), Tom started to work on the designs for the MVP.

Later, about a year of research, Tom partnered with CTO Alex Chin, who had previously worked as a software development instructor and tech entrepreneur in his own right. They decided to work together to build a platform similar to OpenTable and TripAdvisor but for booking tattoos.

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