Artist Interview: terrie_titouutattoo

November 30th, 2020

@terrie_titouutattoo has only been an artist for four years now, however, her delicate, fine-lined style has helped her grow in popularity and she is fast becoming a celeb favorite, having tattooed everyone from David Ginola to Ella Henderson.

Terrie at work

“When I first came in London, I couldn’t speak English, so I continued working [in retail] for a year and keep practicing drawing/tattoo on fake skin, photoshop & friends during my days off to not lose what I learned in France until I felt ready to start my own business as tattoo artist self-employed in a private shop."

"I was in art school for interior design + apprentice in tattoo shop and I worked in Claire’s to pay my studies and tattoo stuff. So it took me more time then usual person to learn tattoo because I was in to many things in the same time to get by in my studies and my debts When I first came in London I couldn’t speak English. So I continued working at Claire’s in London for a year and keep practicing drawing, tattooing on fake skin and photoshop. When I felt ready to start my own business as tattoo artist self employed, I was too shy to ask and work in a tattoo shop until Urban Retreat came to me. It gave me the time to grow up, be more responsible and and manage my work alone and gain self-confidence."

Terries client

"What inspires me most is the clients story, there ideas & inspiration, talking to them, having a good time, laughing and listening to good music together. It's all good vibes, the process of teamwork to create the design they would love to have as a tattoo by me. Drawing for them makes me happy and that gives me motivation and help me to continue."

"[Before tattooing] I was lost and depressed before, I didn’t know where I was going in my life, I wasn’t happy, no motivation, even if this job is really hard mentally and physically, making people happy with art makes me happy. It is a therapy for all of us. Now I know where I am going”.

Terrie design

Whilst Terrie has already made a great career for herself, she is refreshingly honest about having more to learn and wanting to continue her growth. “Of course, I know I still need to learn more about tattoos & techniques and I would love to meet more tattoo artists, I would really really love to meet a tattoo artist who is ready to help me to learn more because I feel that I truly need it, and I can’t wait for it like an apprentice with his Jedi master”

May the Art be with you 🌻